Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Andrew and I have been trying to get out and go downtown every once and again. Just to get some time together as a family doing something fun, out of the house, and exposing Scout to new things. A few weeks ago, around the middle of October, we met a group of friends for lunch at Boundary Bay, walked around town, and picked up some coffee. Scout was great at Boundary Bay, a little bit shocked and overwhelmed at the chaos and new people, but she just stared and stared. She enjoyed being toted around in the moby wrap and even took a quick nap! Here are a few pictures from our outing! Go figure that we only took pictures of Scout and forgot all about our friends that we rarely see! Sorry guys!
Scout lounging on a couch outside of a salon downtown-the perfect place for a little snack break while Mary got her hair cut!
Little snooze
All snugged up!