Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

This post was written by Lauriel without permission from any of the other mentioned parties.  So they may or may not really be thankful for these things :)

Andrew is thankful:
  • Books that Lauriel finds for me that are so good that I have a hard time putting them down
  • My trumpet students that keep multiplying
  • Weekends and evenings that Lauriel gets to be home and is happy instead of being stressed out and grumpy
  • Getting to/having to maintain our own home
Lauriel is thankful:
  • Andrew's amazing bread making talent, especially the pumpkin cinnamon rolls
  • Weekends and home time when I get to see my amazingly, supportive husband, my happy baby girl, and our overly loving dog
  • That we own our home-kind of, I mean, I guess the bank really does - even if we are broke
  • Two good jobs that pay well enough that Andrew can stay home and take care of Scout
Scout is thankful:
  • Getting to spend all my time with either Mom or being dropped off with scary strangers!
  • Jump, jump, jumping in my jumper
  • Boobs!  Although, the bottle is pretty great too. 
  • The ergo-it's a snugly, safe place to see the world from
Lucy is thankful:
  • Windows to stare out of and a big yard to run around in
  • That my humans let me snuggle on the couch with them, sometimes
  • My best neighbor friends, Teddy & Tasha
  • When my humans have eggs and toast they sometimes throw me a piece
John, Paul, & Abbey are thankful:
  • That we get to climb up in the attic of the garage, it's like our own special fort
  • For the motion sensor light that comes on when mice run across the driveway
  • That our humans have decided to let us in to hang out in the house on special occasions - one at a time
  • That we get a cat door to let us come and go as we please

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