Friday, November 18, 2011

Hanging Out With Scout

Hanging out with Scout is pretty fun. It's getting to be a good mix of her entertaining us and then us entertaining her; it's a nice reciprocal relationship.  Very relaxing with lots of laughing and communicating back and forth.  Want a peek at what we like to do? After watching her do this for hours on end (slight exaggeration, don't worry) I'm not surprised that she needs to nap every hour and half. That would wear me out too. Did you like the guard dog on alert? Lucy is ever present...just in case you might want to pet her. Scout has been watching and listening to Andrew play the trumpet just a little too much. She's got the lip buzzing thing down. Supposedly, all she has to do is learn to tongue instead of breath attack and Andrew is going to bring her to lessons to demonstrate proper embouchure to his students. I probably said that all wrong.  It's cute.

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