Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to Walk a Baby in Freezing Weather

Step one: Leave baby in jumper or somewhere safe from the crazy beast that lives in your house while you put on your shoes and a warm fleece or sweater.

Step two: Remove baby from jumper and ensure that they have a clean diaper and are dressed in their typical clothing for your cool house: a long sleeve onsie and footie jammies.

Step three: Over these clothes, dress baby in a thick fuzzy baby bunting (all one piece with feet and a hood).

Step four: Get out the Ergo and starting putting baby in. Warning: About this time 100 plus pound beast will start going crazy and running around trying to make sure she gets included in the walk.

Step five: Steal your husband's huge warm coat to wear, zipped up over you and baby of course.

Step six: Add the finishing touches to the ensemble: beanies for both you and baby and gloves for mom - baby will dig her little hands in the folds of your sweatshirt to keep warm. Oh, and don't forget the sunglasses.

Step seven: Enlist your husband to put the harness on the beast and come walk with you.

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