Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Levi's First Birthday

A few very old pictures from Levi's first birthday (at the end of September!). We sure love that kid; he is a happy, social boy. It is so fun to see him walking around and communicating with everyone.  I loved what Rachelle & Taylor did to celebrate his birthday; I am totally going to copy for Scout's first birthday.

On the day of Levi's birthday they took him to do something that was fun just for him.  They let him run around the church gym with a ton of balls and toys.  Nothing fancy, no decorations, just the three of them.  And no baby gates or things to tell him to stay out of.  Just fun for him.

Then on Sunday, we gathered as a family and had dinner, dessert, and let him open his presents.  Of course these things never go as planned, but everyone was a good sport and enjoyed the celebration even though the power was out and Levi skipped his afternoon nap. He was still a happy boy and loved everyone clapping when he opened his presents!

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