Friday, November 11, 2011

My husband is amazing

Andrew celebrating his graduation-June 2011
And he is probably going to groan when he sees this post, because we are really not sappy and mushy...especially not in public.  But he is amazing and I don't thank him enough.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I usually act like I take him for granted and that I'm annoyed with him, and he definitely doesn't deserve it.  But he forgives me (I think).  I wouldn't be who am I without him; he really is my best friend.

Want to hear why he is so amazing?  You'll be jealous.

He makes me coffee EVERY morning. 
Andrew with Lucy at Rough Around the Edges Class-June 2011

He makes dinner, cleans the house, chops wood, bakes bread, works in the yard, knits, and still has time to be an amazing dad.  Well-rounded and an amazing stay at home parent.
Andrew & I riding our scooter-May 2011

He lets me snuggle up to him when I am cold.  And put my cold feet on him to warm up.
Andrew & my dad at Potholes-June 2009

No matter the shape or size of my body, or what weird baby related thing is happening to it, he finds me attractive and is always tells me so.
Andrew tracing the Sneetches on Scout's wall
 He offers to get up with Scout in the night.  And when I say no, he usually thanks for me being such a good mom when I get back in bed.  Hearing thanks is nice.  I mean, I know Scout appreciates it, but hearing it is different.
Andrew doing handstands in Anacortes-July 2009
 He loves my family and treats them like his own.  We don't have any of the drama around in-laws.  It's awesome.
Andrew & Chris on their 100 mile bike ride-June 2009
He always asks me what I want him to get done during the day.  Who else do you know that gets to make to-do lists and have someone else work on them during the day?
Andrew & I on a backpacking trip August 2009
He is creative.  He can sew, bake, cross stitch, play music, paint, name it and he can probably do it.  He can teach himself how to do just about anything.
Andrew at Priest Lake-August 2009
 He is constantly making me laugh.  He is always doing something quirky, like coming up with amazing dance moves.  I'm not funny.  He is.
Andrew, Lucy, & I-January 2011

He get's up with me every morning at 5 am so that I don't feel so alone and grumpy getting up that early.  He gets the fire going and offers to make me breakfast.
Andrew & I at the zoo-June 2005
He is a naturally amazing father.  He is patient, calm, consistent, and entertaining.  He jumped in with both feet from the very moment she was born.  He has been at least an equal partner in parenting; I'm pretty sure that he does more than me.  I know I'm lucky on this one.
Andrew & I-Fall 2007
 He is athletic and active and pushes me to be, even when I'm lazy.
Andrew & Scout-July 2011

He has been very supportive of breastfeeding and always trying to find ways he can help make what we are doing easier on me.
Family Picture 2008
He is supportive.  I mean really supportive.  He hears all of my crazy ideas and actually seems to think they are good ideas and helps me make them happen.
Andrew & I a little too early at the tulip fields-April 2007
We have fun when we are together.  Just being home and doing normal everyday things are awesome as long as we are together.
Andrew & I at homecoming-I'm thinking it was fall of 2000
He knows me.  All the quirks and flaws, better than anyone else.  And he loves me despite all of my imperfections.

We really are a team and I can't imagine being me without him.


Love, Chelsea said...

I love this post. Seeing your husband as a dad really makes you appreciate how wonderful he is :)

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Such a beautiful tribute to your hubby! :)

Anonymous said...

I can vouch that these things are true. Much love from the mother in law of Andrew. He's great.