Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

Pretty sure we had an awesome Thanksgiving. We ate way too much and enjoyed relaxing with our families. We didn't break out our cameras once (we were on vacation!) but the grandmas did and I will be sure to share pictures when I get them.

This little one brought smiles to everyone's faces. She is doing much better with other people as long as they greet her properly. She insists on meeting people from our arms, that they talk sweetly and smile at her, and then after (and only after) she has smiled back at them will she allow them to hold her.  Don't rush it or you get on the black list!  Once she has given you her stamp of approval though, she will reward you with huge, happy, full body smiles and wiggles. She can get people to do some crazy antics to get those smiles!

I hear people talk all of the time about how stressful holidays can be, trying to coordinate spending time with families.  Not to brag, but we have it pretty much perfect.   Our families are both very understanding and accommodating, no pressure or guilt trips, and we've worked out a good system.  This year we spent Thanksgiving with Andrew's family and then saw my family later that weekend.  We will spend Christmas with my family and then see his family later over the holiday.  Next year we will switch.  Our siblings were so accommodating as to get on the same schedule as us so when we have our holidays with our families, everyone is there.  It works great for us right now, because we really get to settle in and visit with people without worrying about coordinating times.  Someday though, we may want to have a holiday at our own house...here is your fair warning parents!

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