Monday, November 28, 2011

Redheaded Babies

randl with babies Odd that my sister and I, who look nothing alike, have matching redheads. These goofy babies have hair that not only matches in color, it also grows in matching comb-overs.  Short on the sides and back, long on top.  We have a couple of miniature Conan O'Briens runnning around.  And, as you can tell, Levi knew exactly how to win Scout's heart:  put things in her mouth.


Ginger Doty said...

I can see that I picked the perfect time to finally get this blog address correct. Loved hearing about Scout - makes me want to see her even more. She and her cousins are so cute. Think she looks like her Bybee cousin. Hope you are feeling good, Lauriel
We love you all lots and are looking forward to seeing you.
Love, Granny

Ginger Doty said...