Sunday, November 6, 2011

A text from a friend

Blurry cell phone picture number one.  October 18, 2011
Andrew and I are somewhat obsessed with Scout and how amazing she is, but it makes me smile how obvious it is that she is loved by our family and friends as well.  The other morning, Andrew shared this texting conversation from a friend.

Friend:  "I had a dream that Scout could talk--it was like she already knew everything but just had to be reminded. She even picked up on a little Spanish."

When asked what Scout said, the friend replied:  "Simple gracious responses to my awed questions. She behaved how I imagine Buddha would."

Even I don't give Scout that much credit, although she does look very similar to a little Buddha (the chubby one, not the skinny one!) 
Blurry cell phone picture number two.  October 18, 2011

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