Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Photo retrieved from Dad's phone-September 4, 2011
We've been incorporating some tasty fall eating into our diet, not all of it healthy.  We cooked up two sugar pumpkins and froze half the puree in ice cube trays for future baby food for Scout and the other half we turned into pumpkin butter which we froze.  Oh my goodness, the pumpkin butter was amazing.  I could have just eaten it by the spoonful; I think Andrew actually caught me doing that a few times.  I want to make another batch before pumpkins go out of season. And Scout got a few finger tastes of the straight pumpkin puree and loved it, she is fairly interested in real people food!

We had friends over for a little birthday party on Saturday.  Andrew made some delicious pumpkin cinnamon rolls with a caramel glaze, they disappeared way too fast.  Definitely going to have him make them again, take some photos, and share the recipe.

We got out and enjoyed the Farmer's Market in downtown Bellingham on Saturday.  I love the Farmer's Market.  I don't find it's the cheapest place to buy things, but I love browsing and people watching and smelling all of the delicious food.  Scout was in awe :)  We did pick up a few of the best deals at the market:  a $1 cup of delicious tea, a $2.50 pumpkin scone with maple pecan glaze, and $7 dozen pack of Erin Baker breakfast cookies.  Totally worth the money.

 I french braided my own hair one day this weekend.  First time I have done that in years.  I like the way a neat french braid looks, but mine never stay neat very long.  I can't figure out if it is because of the texture of my hair, or because of the way that I'm braiding it.  Anybody else have this problem?

I got asked to host my first review and giveaway!  It will probably be a little while by the time I get the products, review them, and get the giveaway set up.  But it sounds fun and I'm excited to try something new!

Andrew got another new student...I feel like I've been saying this every week!  Which is awesome, but I think he is about near his maximum level before he needs to start a wait list.

I really want to order these for Scout...I just can't decide what color.  Or why she needs them, but they are just too dang cute!  I don't think I will be able to resist!


Kimball Family said...

Me and Emma vote watermelon sky color tights. :)

Anonymous said...

those pants are totally cute! and there are tons of valid reasons to buy them....winter coming up is a big one! and two bucks??!! wow, i wish they came in my size! haha.