Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Guess what arrived in the mail on Monday? They are a little bit big, but so dang cute. I had to put them on her, even if was only for 30 minutes before bed. The pictures have nothing to do with what I'm writing about, so don't worry about trying to make a connection :)  Connections?  What I am talking about....this post is just the random list of goings on that never make it to their own post.
We met my parents, Rachelle, Taylor, & Levi at Cristiano's in Marysville on Saturday.  It had been way too long since we had seen them.  So we hung out in a book store for an hour and ate delicious food.  I wished we lived closer.  You should stop at Cristiano's if you ever drive through Marysville.  It's amazing.

Despite the good intentions I had and my wonderful plan for exercising with Scout, it just hasn't been happening. Life got too busy and tiring with the day job, teaching one night a week, Andrew teaching two nights a week, Scout waking a little more frequently at night, the rain,it  getting dark early.  I have tons of excuses, they are all pretty lame...should I keep going?  So we pulled out the fail safe, get in shape program and registered for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon in June.  My parents "sponsored" us which made it way more affordable, and they are both going to be running too!  My mom is going to run the half with Andrew and I and my dad is going to run the full marathon.  Carina & Matthew say they are going to register too!  It should be fun.....Or maybe just good motivation to get in shape.

Andrew and I have been trying to be more conscious about money and figuring out ways to be creative.  Let's face it, we are never going to be rich.  That doesn't happen to teachers.  But we can be comfortable, debt free, and prepared for emergencies.  If we are careful.  I was reading this post, it reminded me that I want to start a bank account for Scout.

Matthew, Carina, & Harper came up and we hung out on Sunday.  It was so nice to see them, it made for a relaxing baby filled day.  Perfect for me.  This might actually make it's own post.

Scout had her 4 month shots yesterday.  We are staggering her shots so she doesn't get so many all at once, but we only get to see the pediatrician every other time.  And by we, I mean Andrew and Scout.  Andrew reports that he still likes our pediatrician, which is pretty fortunate since she just happened to be the first one that I called that had an opening.  Andrew also reports that they discussed starting solids next month, ways to curb the recent trend of waking up every three hours, when to start fluoride drops (6 months), the dry patch on Scout's arm (eczema), if her sneezing and congestion is a problem (it's not, but a humidifier would help), and that she is pretty early with the rolling over.

We are still going crazy with apples.  We have them sorted into keepers, eaters, and applesaucers.  Just finished canning a batch of apple butter last night.  It was amazing.  I wish we had a cider press.  This too might make it's own post someday.

So looking forward to the three day weekend and time to curl up at home with my family.

P.S.  I'm getting rid of the long list of links to family & friend blogs.  I will still be sharing some links to other blogs, I just haven't quite figured out how I want to to it.  So if you use my page to access other people's is your one week notice.  Should be plenty of warning for you to bookmark the blogs you read, find an RSS reader, or write down the link.  Right?

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Anonymous said...

Love the tights! I completely relate on the exercise front. I was really on top of it while still at home with Ellen--now that I am working again, it's so hard to fit it in. Your commitment to the marathon is inspiring!