Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's definitely getting to be beanie weather around here....
And generally, that makes us smile!
Yesterday evening Scout and I went for a little walk around the block. I plopped her in the Ergo, put a beanie on her, threw on one of Andrew's jackets, and zipped it up over both of us. It was very cute to see just her little eyes poking out of the coat as we strolled down the street.

I'm in the mood to write again. I just wish I had time. For some reason, I always feel like writing when I am a little bit stressed. I think the practice of putting my thoughts on paper helps keep them from slamming around inside my head and making me feel dizzy. We have some crazy scheduling at school up until Spring break. Lots of half days and conference days...lots of weird times and places to be. Maybe that's why my head feels all crammed up.

Andrew and I have been fighting colds, nothing life threatening, totally debilitating, or even bad enough to call in sick. Just enough to be miserable enough that, when combined with the ongoing sleep deprivation and over-busy schedule, it feels like we are in some weird torture program.

Scout's adorable and hilarious. And she really is an easy, fun baby. We got lucky.

We are getting excited about the holidays. Planning gift giving, ways to celebrate, get togethers, and when it is acceptable to start listening to holiday music and watch the classic movies. Well at least I am...Andrew can be kind of a holiday Scrooge. He, he sorry to out you Andrew.

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