Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Photo on 2011-11-23 at 07.09 #2 Good morning!

Less than 4 hours and I will be on Thanksgiving vacation! Woohoo! 4.5 uninterrupted days with Scout & Andrew and nursing on demand - goodbye pump! I'm excited to have time to visit with family, eat good food, and catch my breath. Between Monday being "work both jobs day" and Tuesday being "stay late for parent conference day" my brain is fried and my body is tired. I was a mess last night - so thankful that we aren't trying to keep that up all of the time!

No, I am not growing out my bangs. I am just not cutting them. Tomorrow is another day, but for today, my bangs are too long and I don't feel like cutting them. My students are all convinced that I cut my hair and can't be convinced that it is exactly the opposite.

My brain is so tired that I'm not entirely sure what we have done in the last week, let alone being able to write about it all.  I think we:
  • had impromptu dinner and visiting with friends in town
  • juiced apples to make apple wine (3 gallons!)
  • went on walks in the bitter but sunny cold
  • raked leaves to put our compost piles to bed for the winter
  • racked grape wine (is that redundant?)
  • reorganized our living room to start preparing for a mobile baby
  • went to Time in Play to get out of the house
  • had crazy blustery weather with strong winds and heavy rains
But I could be wrong - feels like so long ago that I could possibly be dreaming all of that!

I'm thankful for my coffee this morning!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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