Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was looking at the pictures on my laptops photo booth file and found this gem from way back when. Wasn't this pup adorable?Photo 6
We are all getting over colds, including Scout. It was her first of many I'm sure. It came on quick Sunday night and luckily she seems to be getting better already. She (and us!) survived a night of really bad sleep where she could only sleep propped up on our chests; if you laid her down she got pretty upset.  Understandably so as she sounded like she was drowning in our own crud. Luckily, Andrew got really good at using saline drops and the terrible bulb to clean her out and she seems to be doing better. Through it all, even with very little sleep, she has been pretty sweet. Lots of snuggles, little sad noises, and still some big happy smiles. All while dripping snot and sounding like Darth Vader :)

I might be teaching another class up at Western, which would make 8 credits next quarter. This one would be an online one, which makes it even more appealing.  The extra money is exciting; we are both looking forward to having our debt paid off and being able to save for the home improvement projects we want to get started on.

We have 12 more days until Winter Break. Enough said.

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