Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Days

Today is the darkest day of the year.  The day when we get the least amount of sunshine.  Tomorrow we will start to see the return of the daylight.
A sunrise in September
I have been especially cognizant of the loss of daylight in the past month.  We discuss this frequently among staff at school.  We see the sun rising during first period, and it is completely dark by the time I am nursing Scout before bed at 530pm.
Fwd: sunrise
A sunrise in October
I miss the sun.  My body tries to adjust to the extended hours of darkness, wanting more sleep and hibernation.  I have a hard time getting going in the morning darkness, feeling sluggish and lethargic.   6pm feels late, like I should be getting ready for bed.  By the time 9pm rolls around, I feel as if I have pushed myself to stay up for a late night party.  I am looking forward to the return of daylight.  To waking up with the sunrise.  I am looking forward to evening walks and working in the yard.  I am looking forward to more energy in the evenings and the morning, to feeling that pull to get outside and soak up the daylight.  The change from light to dark and back to light is gradual, but the difference between today and June 21 is drastic.  I am looking forward to the return of the sun.

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