Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day

 It's the last day before the holiday break, we've made it!  My brain is definitely in crazy random mode, trying to finish some things up before I leave today.  Looking forward to 17 days straight of time with my little family, nursing on demand (goodbye pump!), visiting friends & family, wrapping gifts, baking goodies, and working on projects.

Life at middle school is very festive today with a holiday music assembly, plates of treats to share throughout the building, Santa hats, reindeer antlers, caroling from the Spanish students, and gifts being exchanged.  I've received several thoughtful gifts from students and staff, both for me and for Scout.  I am so supported by my peers in this building, I feel very lucky.  Teachers in our building pooled our cash to buy gifts for several of our students, sweatshirts and books and gloves, things they might really be needing.  Lucky me got to be part of the giving, the best part.  It was definitely worth my money to see the huge smiles, teary eyes, and wonder at getting something that was all their own.  Middle schoolers in general are pretty amazing, the resiliency of some our students astounds me.
Lucy playing in the snow at Hovander-November 2010
Think we can get a little snow around here for the holidays?

I am tempted to try this recipe, something I've never had before, but I love those chocolate oranges!

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