Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scout Eating

This is an incredibly long post for such a little bit of food. But I find feeding Scout fascinating and entertaining.

We are making her baby food at home, mostly because we are cheap, and why not? It's been really easy. We cooked up a sugar pumpkin a few weeks ago and froze it in ice cube trays. Last week I did the same with an acorn squash. And we have a ton of applesauce from our trees that we can mix in with her food or feed her plain. We plan on trying to make a batch of something big once a week to store in the freezer, pull out the frozen cubes as we need them, and mix that up with fresh things like avacado and bananas.

Now on to the fun part, Scout's first meals - her eating over the first week.
First day-obsessed with the bib
Why'd you get the camera out Dad?  You know I can't focus with that thing looking at me.
Pumpkin Puree in action
Day two of pumpkin puree...we ditched the bib, it was too distracting for now.
Day Two of Pumpkin Puree

Trying to figure out's supposed to help with teething?
Ahh!! That's how it goes!
Avacado yum!
Trying new foods requires concentration
Hey!  What are you doing?
What's that?
I'll eat it!!!!
Avocado in action And again

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Angie said...

Have you guys looked into "baby-led weaning?" We tried it with our second kiddo and she really loved it. It's basically just skipping the pureed stuff and give the baby bigger chunks of soft food. If anything, it just made life that much easier for me since I didn't have to spoon feed her!

Not that there's anything wrong with spoon-feeding! Just wanted to share the idea! :o) You can google it to get some more info, or reply here if you have any questions!