Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Spout

CIMG0674 This girl's hair is pretty amazing (as are her bright blue eyes!). Since birth, she seems to have lost some around the sides and back. She's not bald, but it is definitely just short peach fuzz.  On top though, she has that original "thick" mop of hair, it never fell out and just keeps growing - getting longer and thicker.  The uneven growth creates a lovely comb over look.  It's so long on top now that I've been tempted to put it up more and more often.  It's almost hanging in her eyes.  Problem is that it is so thin that even small rubber bands don't stay in great.  And clips just seem hard and hurty when she is rubbing her head on the ground while rolling around.  I need to get creative with hair accessories that are actually functional.

Anyways....this post is dedicated to Scout's spout.  I'm sure there will be many more to come.


Kimball Family said...

I like it! It's much more attractive than the comb over. :) I try to do this to Levi's hair sometimes but Taylor tells me the comb over is better than the spout for boys.

Dana said...

I like it too, it is so cute!! A spout or a sprout!! :) And Rachelle...hmmm...I just don't think a spout works at all for boys (and trust me I have some!) Sounds like he needs a haircut!!