Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time for Today

Don't worry...this doesn't happen often.  That glow on Scout's face scares me too much to let it.
Life is busy, but good.

Scout's eating a little bit of pureed food once a day. She loved pumpkin, especially by the third day. She's on day two of applesauce and Andrew reports that she doesn't seem to like it as much as pumpkin. Post started about baby feeding!

Andrew spent some time at home depot and pieced together a sprayer that attaches to our toilet so we can rinse our cloth diapers. Also have a post started about cloth diapers :)

Hopefully everything I think of to share about life right now doesn't end in "I have a post started about this."

Thinking about Christmas presents and trying to find just the right present for all of those special people in our lives. Thinking about baking and cooking and all of the wonderful holiday food. Lots of recipes lined up to share. Dang it...did it again!

Looking forward to seeing my parents this weekend and going to a holiday performance that Andrew is playing in.

Andrew got the last two Harry Potter movies for his birthday and we had a little marathon to finish them all.  It was amazing.  I'm always left wanting more Harry Potter.  Such a nerd.

Life is busy, but busy good. Lots of time spent with our little girl and each other. We both have work that we love, more of it than we can handle but we are very lucky to have work. Our life is good.

A few of my favorite reads from this week:
All about gender neutral clothes for baby, my thoughts exactly.  Read it here.
Pumping everyday is filled with so many emotions, why is that?  Love this post.
Check out this splurge that Andrew wants.  He's debating spending his birthday money on it.

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Winn said...

I thought of this picture on my walk home today, and laughed to myself, then accidentally snorted from laughing. Just to see you two together, and scout looks so cute and crazy.