Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback about celebrating Christmas and what it means to you.  It's creating great conversation, really getting my brain thinking.  Which was my intent in posting it.  Thank you to everyone who has been willing to discuss and share on a very personal level, that can always be a little bit scary!

I'm not ready to write or commit to my thoughts yet because I feel like they are still forming.  But in 1 sentence (ish), here where I'm at today:
Celebrating holidays is important to create tradition and shared family memories; something that you can get excited about with your kids and use as a tool to teach them your family values.  What that might look like is still forming in my mind :)
Me, at this time last year.  I was 10 weeks pregnant with Scout.  Crazy what has changed...and what is still the same
Very briefly, what else has been happening in our lives:
My parents visited this weekend while they were on a little get-a-way with just the two of them.  We fed them lunch and visited Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday we met up again and they attended at holiday performance that Andrew was a part of with the Whatcom Chorale.  It was wonderful to get a chance to spend time with my parents, just Andrew and I, in a quiet, calm setting.  No big rush, not a lot going on, not having to share them with everyone else (I love you my wonderful siblings!) just quiet visiting as adults.  That doesn't happen very often!

Scout is loving eating.  She has added bananas to her repertoire (just today!) and Andrew reports that she loves them, much to his disappointment.

I am counting down the days until break, two more wake-ups!  There are so many things that I want to do over break!  Kicking off the holiday with a massage - I have a free voucher - on Wednesday.  Woohoo!

Andrew ordered his napsack...and it shipped today.  Such a fun splurge, I'm excited myself!

Reading that I've loved this week:
This made me laugh:  Good Day Pregnancy Scale
I want to try this: Homemade Chai
My goal for our next pregnancy...I supposed that means I should start now right? Running While Pregnant

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