Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today I'm writing this post while laying in the sunshine on my living room floor, watching Scout wiggle around and flash me smiles and listening to Andrew play Beatles songs on the guitar.  Vacation is wonderful.

The past week has been jam packed with excitement and holiday cheer.  I've been taking pictures, but I'm too lazy to organize them right now, so you just get the teaser update for today.

We took Scout to a holiday party that was past her bedtime - scary right?  This girl was a rockstar, smiling and socializing, then taking a little nap in her pea pod until we were ready to go home.  Despite us messing up her sleep schedule she went right to sleep when we got home and slept great all night.  We very much appreciated the chance to visit with friends, devour tons of delicious food, and the always exciting white elephant exchange.

We baked all of our favorite goodies and delivered plates to our neighbors and friends.  Baking is delightful.  It makes the house smell amazing and I love the excuse to pop over and say hello to people.

We used the online class that I will be teaching next quarter as an excuse to get a faster internet connection (we had been stealing from our phones) and we love it!  Videos and music are enjoyable now!

We've been browsing Christmas music on Spotify.    My favorites are the She and Him Christmas album and a Motown Christmas channel that Andrew found.

Andrew's napsack arrived.  It's lovely. 

Scout and I went shopping at the mall for 3 hours and she did amazing.  Hanging out in her ergo, nursing in a fitting room, snoozing a little, flirting with strangers, I am loving this age - she is so much fun.

Scout's on an great nap schedule.  Two naps a day, one around 9 and one around 12, both for an hour or more.  Then we can go visiting in the evening or run errands until bedtime at 6.  Sometimes she snoozes a little while we are out and about in the evening, but we try not to make it a big deal.

Time to feed this girl and get her down for her second nap!  Enjoy the Holidays!

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