Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree

Andrew & I didn't get a Christmas Tree this year. Well, that's not really true. We got a little potted, indoor evergreen tree and decorated it. It worked for us right now and we really don't have room for a full size tree.  I have hopes that we will have room in the main room, once we finish the garage and move Lucy's crate out there, but that's a ways off.

We did however get to go with my family when they went to pick out a tree. When I was little, we would drive up to the mountains where there was snow and tromp around in the woods until we found the perfect tree. Then my dad would cut it down and haul it back to the car.  The kids would play in the snow and ride on the sled behind our Alaskan Malamute, Koyak.   It was a cold, wet, fun, experience. My family quit doing that as it got to be fairly expensive, very time consuming, and they found a Tree Farm that they like. This tree farm has tons of trees a nice little walk, and free cocca and cider. Fairly standard, but we like it. It was fun to go as a whole crowd - my parents, Rachelle, Taylor, Levi, Alec, Emma, Granny, & Poppy. We picked out a tree in record time, with no arguing and very little decision making, we were trying to work around naps and the oncoming darkness!
Getting Scout in the Ergo for the adventure
Me, Scout, and Emma.
Cheeseball Emma
Rachelle, Taylor, and Levi
Andrew, Emma, and I as holiday elves
Everyone tromping through the trees.
My mom, Granny, Scout, & I in our first 4 generation picture
Scout, Me, & Emma all amazingly looking at the camera
Poppy, Rachelle, & Levi

Dad next to the perfect tree

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