Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 6 months baby!

This is a little overdue, since Scout was actually 6 months on the 3rd, but I don't want to miss taking a minute to reflect on who she is at this moment.  She changes so much from month to month and I don't want to miss a thing.
  • Scout had her 6 month check up yesterday.  All was well and good.  She weighs 16lbs 3.5 oz (66%) and is 26.5 inches tall (77%).  We have a tallish baby?  Weird!
  • She has started laughing more regularly.  Sometimes a cute giggle and sometimes an out-of-control, hysterical giggle that makes Andrew use words like disconcerting and troublesome.
  • She is babbling all of the time, lots of dadas and interesting vowel/consonant combinations, lots of different tones, like she is singing.  She still doesn't shriek or squeal, but sometimes I think she whines just because she likes to hear the noise.  The laugh after gives her away.  She still gets really quiet when other people are around or we go out.  Too busy watching!
  • She gets a few scoots in at a time, a little bit of army crawling, or a bear-walk step in but mostly there is still just lots of rocking back and forth, rolling around, and spinning in circles.  Somehow she does manage to make it some distance if you leave her long enough.
  • Scout takes two naps, one around 9 and one around 12 every day.  Each one is between 45 min and 2 hours.  Then occasionally she naps on-the-go in the afternoon before bed at 6.  She wakes once or twice during the night for a quick feeding before shes up between 6 and 7 in the morning.  And she talks and sings herself to sleep.  It's adorable. 
  • She sits up some, and can actually hold it for a while, but she is unreliable and needs a spotter at all times.
  • She is a regular piglet eating a ton of both mama's milk and pureed food.  She loves to eat and wants to try anything you have.  She loves bananas and green beans. Her diet also includes cream of wheat, pumpkin, pureed chicken, avacado, carrot sticks, and celery sticks.  Introducing her to new foods is fun!
  • Her bottom teeth are in good now and they hurt when she bites.  Which she does when you stick anything in her mouth.  Luckily, and for some unknown reason, she has only once bitten me while nursing.
  • Scout loves to ride her ergo and stare at people.  Then, when they smile at her, she gives them a big cheesy grin.
  • She loves her sippy cup.  She gets a little bit of water here and there out of it, but mostly she likes playing with it and trying to get it to her mouth.
  • She loves Lucy.  She loves watching her, loves when Lucy snuffles her, and loves to grab her (and try and eat her).  Lucy is infinitely patient.  They are going to be great friends. 
  • Scout is getting better around people other than Andrew and I.  She especially likes when people smile and talk nice to her before they try and take her.  She loves to be entertained.
  • She is already starting to get into things.  She found the edges of the ribbons that hold her bumpers up and rubbed them between her fingers until they frayed.  Then she rolled around until she got all wrapped up in the threads.  After that happened twice in one night we took the bumpers out...her crib looks so bare now.  She also has been finding fuzzies on the floor that Lucy brings out from her bed, regular vacuuming is definitely a new part of the routine.  And if she sees shoes on the ground, she wants to eat them and somehow makes her way over to them. We are definitely in baby proofing mode!
We love you Scout baby!

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