Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We have had a snow filled weekend.  It started with a little snow on Saturday, a little more on Sunday, a little more on Monday, and we have somewhere around 6 inches hanging around with more snow in the forecast.  My school was canceled for today!  Doesn't bother us one little bit!

We've left our snug little house a few times - Andrew went skiing on Saturday and we ran out to the grocery store on Sunday- and we've had a few visitors, but other than that we've enjoyed bunkering down and aren't planning on going anywhere.  The fire is keeping the house toasty warm, the wassail simmering on the fireplace makes our house smell amazing, we signed up for netflix streaming, and we've enjoyed watching the on again/off again snow flurries and Lucy's crazy snow antics out of our living room windows.  On Sunday we had a break in the snow falling and brought Scout outside in the sunshine.  She thought it was quite entertaining, love these photos!

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