Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Freeze

Back when time froze, in the midst of our big snowstorm, the world seemed to stand still. Our days weren't scheduled full to the brim. Meetings, work, lessons, and fun all got canceled. We had snugly mornings with special breakfast, tv watching naps, toasty fires, luxurious meals, a glass at wine at 5pm, and plenty of time to lounge.We soaked each other up in a way that hardly ever happens. No obligations. No to-do lists.  No guilt because, hey, the whole world was standing still. It made me feel like I had all of the time in the world.  I didn't feel this need to write and sort my thoughts because my thoughts were calm, happy, and completely present in the moment.  I'm grateful for a taste of what that feels like, a chance to experience that so I have an idea of what I am trying to achieve._MG_1450
Then, 10 days ago, the world snapped back into living (even though we still had snow drifts in places a couple of days ago!) and time seemed to go faster then ever. Every moment feels scheduled and planned, my calendar is dictating my life. When I get home I try to put all of the craziness aside and spend a few hours pretending that time is still frozen, trying to capture that just a little bit of that feeling from the week that time stood still.  Pretending that I don't have a to-do list with deadlines that seem impossible to meet and that I don't have people who are counting on me and that I'm responsible to and for.  I try to spend at least some time being completely present in the moment and enjoy what I've got around me.  Because what I've got is pretty amazing and I don't want to miss it.

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