Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We are snowed in. I mean, I guess we could leave. But it would have to be an emergency for us to venture out.  We still have 6 plus inches of snow outside, the temperatures have dropped to the low teens (if not lower here), and we have a VERY strong wind blowing.  It's hard to tell if it's snowing or not, there is so much snow blowing around.  It's bitterly cold, with ice forming on the edges of windows and creeping along the inside of the garage wall.  And there's a good layer of ice on the roads, despite the snow plow coming along fairly frequently.  But don't worry we are hibernating well.  We still haven't left the house and aren't planning on it anytime soon.  We have plenty of firewood if the power goes out, lanterns and flashlights, and lots of food left. 
This is the view from our sliding glass door.  Taken from the inside.

Lucy hurt her hip a little playing in the snow yesterday (or the day before...I lost track).  Doesn't seem to be hurting her any, but she is gimping around pretty good.  A 100lb dog who doesn't like to put weight on her back leg looks pretty goofy.  We are trying to make her rest up, but she isn't too interested.  Not really sure what the best course of action is to help her heal properly.

We've been drinking delicious coffee, wassail, making tasty food, knitting, reading, getting work done, playing with Scout, and watching netflix streaming.  Feels like second Christmas.

My sister posted this hilarious video (it's at the end of the post), you have to watch it to the very end.  I feel mean that I still laugh hysterically.  In my defense, we all did.

Scout is perfecting a speedy little scoot.

Stumbled across this post from a special education teacher, loved it.  

When we can get to our dirt again (it will happen right?) we want to try these in our yard.  An awesome use of all of our pruned branches!  I'm excited to build our gardens up.

A friend of Josh's wrote this song in his honor.  I'm surprised and touched that so many people, outside of our family, still think about him regularly.  I'm glad he hasn't been forgotten.

Not only does this website have delicious recipes, I love her style of writing.  And I loved this post, the first on her page right now.  I need these reminders that all of life does not need to be documented, that it's ok to leave things out.  I struggle to explain this when people ask why I don't use Twitter and Pintrest.  This is my outlet where I document what I am willing to share, the things I am reading, the events we photograph, and the projects we are working on.  Facebook and blogreading is the extent of my social networking.  And even those are too much at times.  It's good to step away and live in the real life connections, in the real life moments, in the quiet and stillness of life.  This New York Times Article was excellent, but I especially loved this quote from Marshall McLuhan, “When things come at you very fast, naturally you lose touch with yourself.” Another reminder to live slow, to enjoy each moment and each connection.

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