Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

I'm a sucker for a good family photo. I love having a picture that you can hang on the wall and see all of your closest loved ones smiling together.  Especially after having Josh die, and feeling him missing so obviously from our current photos, I'm grateful for the pictures we have of all of us, together as a group.  I wish we had more, and my mom was always on the hunt for the perfect family photo! I'm not really overly excited about the super posed, matchy mathy, studio shots.  Sorry if that's your thing. I prefer something where everyone looks good, in clothes that suite them and don't clash, and seems to be in a somewhat natural setting. I love a lot of the photos I see from this company.  Many of the photo shoots seem just perfect to me.  But I'm also cheap, or thrifty, whatever.  I hate the idea of spending ridiculous amounts of money on a single hour of picture taking.  Especially when I have a talented photographer husband.  Only problem is that it is fairly difficult to take a family photo when you are in it.  Don't worry, superhero Andrew somehow managed to pull it off.   One evening at sunset, back in October, he set up the tripod and gave us a little photo shoot.  This first image is the one we chose as our favorite, our designated family photo.  In a few more months we will need to take another one, Scout looks so different!
Lest you think we are overly photogenic and that this came easy to us, I included all of the outtakes below. They make me laugh, each one has something slightly funny about it.

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WInn said...

I like the last one best.:)