Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Scout Blurred-1
Lynne got a little bit of editing done on this photo and I love it.  There was a distracting photo frame, hung crookedly on the background wall behind Scout and Andrew.  Took the focus away from the sweet babe.  I love, love, love this photo.  It's one of my favorites from that first week at home.  She is so fresh and new  I love how tiny she looks, with the newborn diaper swamping her. Snuggled up in her daddy's hands you can see how she might actually, maybe, possibly have fit inside of me, curled up exactly the same way.  That fresh stage is over so quickly, and we were so engrossed in coping and functioning and healing and adjusting that I feel like I didn't soak it up quite enough.  I thought I was savoring it, I just didn't have any perspective to know how quickly it would be over.  Thank goodness photos exist to throw me back to that phase, even just a for minute.

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