Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 7 Months Baby!

Check out my sweet, impish little girl! She turned 7 months on Friday - mom is a little bit late with the monthly post. Dad, however, came through with a nice photo shoot, taken on her 7th month birthday. Getting a mobile 7 month old to make cute faces, in the right light, with no shadows, and to get her to sit still enough that the pictures are in focus? That's a feat. The pictures on this post aren't necessarily the best pictures in terms of focus, lighting, and framing...they are the ones that best captured Scout's many expresssions.
_MG_1491Scout at 7 months:
  • She is scooting all over, doing a little bit of classic crawling, and is starting to be able to climb some easy obstacles, like pillows.  She likes to turn and look over her shoulder and flash you a big smile.  She's a flirt.
  • Scout sits up really well now, we just aren't quite confident that she won't lose her balance and plop on her head so we spot her.
  • She likes for you to help her stand - either spotting her while she hangs on furniture or holding her hands.
  • She loves books and is always pulling hers off the shelf to play with (meaning eat).
  • She is not liking her jumper as much anymore, only for very short periods of time, once or sometimes twice a day.  It's going to be retired soon.
  • She still has just the two bottom front teeth, I keep waiting for more to pop through.  They are getting quite large though, very visible in some of the pictures below.
  • She finds the smallest pieces of nothing on the floor to eat.  Frequent pick-ups and vacuums are now a necessity.  Nothing is safe around her anymore, our house is definitely in baby proof mode.
  • She loves to eat.  She likes purees and will tolerate us feeding her, but she really is happiest when she gets to feed herself.  She eats carrots, acorn squash, pumpkin, rice cereal, cream of wheat, green beans, peas, blueberries, avocado, banana, applesauce, chicken, and those little rice puff things.  Don't you dare try and eat in front of her without giving her something too!
  • She has been making this awful cackling coughing sound that she uses like a laugh.  She has also figured out how to whisper and how to yell, which she thinks is pretty hysterical.  In general, she has really been expanding her sound repertoire and seems to enjoy all the different noises that come out of her mouth. 
  • She loves the smiley girl in the mirror.
  • She watches people with a little smirky smile, until they look at her and smile and then she really grins. Did I mention that she is a flirt?
  • She is taking swimming lessons with Andrew and he says she likes all of the splashing and kicking.  I'm going to try and go once so I can see too!
  • She is still a good sleeper, with decent naps and getting up two-ish times in her 13 hour night.  She's not perfect, but she's consistently nice and average that way!
  • Loves her Lucy and is always trying to get her attention.  Scout laughs hysterically when Lucy nuzzles her and gives her lots of licks.  When Lucy is snoozing, Scout will frequently scoot over and crawl on her.
  • Loves her stuffed animals, especially a little purple monkey and her Cat in the Hat.
  • A week ago or so we found an old binky.  She never liked her binky, but we've been giving it to her while we change her diaper and she thinks is pretty funny.  She will suck frantically like Maggie Simpson and then pull it out and turn it over and over in her hands to examine it.  Then repeat until the diaper change is over.
  • She has been using her little potty chair still and occasionally pees in there.  The best is when she giggles while she goes, like she knows whats coming and thinks its pretty funny.
  • She is ridiculously funny and happy and loves to get us laughing with her, so much fun!  Enjoy the many pictures of all of her facial expressions!


Anonymous said...

you've got your 7 month old using a potty chair?!?!!? wow....i'm impressed! promise me that when i have a 7 month old that you will be around to help train. cute pics andrew, did a great job! great job on the post Lauriel. She is a beauty!!

winn said...

Wow, she really looks like Andrew in one of those, i'd describe it but there are a lot of pictures. She looks so happy:)