Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little bit of Balance

This picture is about a month old now, but this little girl is practicing and perfecting this move all of the time. She loves sitting up. Especially when you are plopping little rice puffs in her mouth! She can't get their on her own yet, but it seems to make her quite happy when you plop her down in the upright position and will stay like that as long as you are willing to let her.  She is to the point now where she tries to move from sitting into scooting mode...and typically ends up doing a faceplant. Only once or twice has she done the hard fall backwards to flat on her back; usually she can catch herself and make a correction. We are still mostly spotting, or putting a boppy pillow behind her for extra safety, but it's getting mighty tempting to move away and leave her sitting completely solo.Fwd: Scout Sitting

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