Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Fishy

My parent's gave Scout a round of swimming lessons as a Christmas present. I think I really like the idea of giving experiences as gifts, it forces you to get out and do something different than you normally would. Scout's lessons are twice a week for 30 minutes each time. She is halfway through the session now, but really seems to be liking them. I've been able to go with her and Andrew a couple of times, but usually Andrew takes her by himself. One time, while I was there, Andrew was able to get these photos. You might wonder, "What does a 7 month old do in swimming lessons?"
Well, let me tell you:
  • They reach for toys 
  • They kick their legs and splash their arms 
  • They "jump" into the pool with help 
  • They stare at all of the people looking at them
  • They "swim" back and forth from one person to the next 
  • They look like an inch-worm when they try and crawl in the water 
  • They float on their back 
  • They wear a life jacket (no pictures of this, but it's hilarious. Scout loves its, just relaxes and floats around on her back by herself)
  • They sing songs with motions
She seems to love it all, we will definitely do these again sometime soon!

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