Saturday, February 4, 2012


Scout has a lovey, a soft little blanky with a lamb head. When we put her in her crib for a nap or for bed we hand it to her and she clutches it to her chest before rolling to her belly. When we peak in on her while she's sleeping, she is often grabbing her little lamby to her chest.

While on a trip to Yellowstone (I think), Wade and Lynne found this stuffed wolf. They bought it for Scout since we were always howling at her and trying to teach her how to howl back.  She thinks animal noises are incredibly funny.  Scout likes the stuffed wolf, but Lucy LOVES it.

From the very first day she saw it, Lucy wanted it. If you hold it up for her to see, she gets very excited.  For the most part, she leaves it alone while she is in our presence, but occasionally she sneaks a good snuffle.  Once she stole it, took it to her crate, and I found her rolling around "talking" with it.  Lucy is typically very, very good at leaving Scout's toys alone; this is one of the few exceptions.  Andrew found her like this the other day, curled up for a nap with what she wishes was her lovey.  Everyone needs something to snuggle with!Fwd: Caught

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