Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trouble with a Capital T

After our trip to Costco this weekend we came home and dumped all of our goods in the living room.  You know the lovely piles of boxes and oversized food on the kitchen table and floor that you then have to find homes for.  Well, Scout decided that Costco toilet paper was just perfect for learning new tricks. We are in trouble. This girl is busy!  Needless to say, the package of toilet paper is still sitting on the floor in our living room so that Scout can keep practicing her new trick whenever she pleases.

P.S.  I love the little butt in the air at the end as she gives the plastic a little lick!

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Anonymous said...

Bybees! LOVE THE BLOG! and the pictures. Don't know how you both do all you do, but am glad yoou are cuting out the on line class. Don't want you to loose your enjoyment of life. Scout is the cutest - especially with the tp. and swimming. Love you all lots, Granny (gldoty1@juno.com)