Thursday, March 1, 2012

For Today

Listening to:  Norah Jones:  The Fall.  Probably driving Andrew crazy.  But it's cheerful and fun, yet calming at the same time.

Reading:  Dr. Seuss:  Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Perfect length for reading to Scout, and the rhythm and noises make for fun reading aloud.  "Boom, boom, boom. Mr.  Brown is a wonder.  Boom, boom, boom.  Mr. Brown makes thunder."  Yes, I have it fairly memorized.
Watching:  Heroes, on the evenings we can get time.  Love it...but how many times are these people going to save the world?  And where do some characters just disappear to?  Maya?  Molly?  Claire's flying boyfriend?  They just went away....

Wearing:  Stretchy, ultra low-rise, skinny jeans.  Something Andrew has been trying to get me to buy for years.  Picked them up at a clothing exchange and they are all I want to wear.  With big comfy sweaters.  Everyday I can. 

Daydreaming:  About the 24 hour getaway Andrew and I are taking over spring break.  We are leaving Scout with my mom.  Exciting and nerve-wracking.  Nerve-wracking, even though I know she will be perfectly fine, it's still nerve wracking for reason.  Exciting, even though we don't have a plan for where we are going yet.

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