Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 8 months baby!

You should hear that giggle that goes with this laugh
She just popped a piece of cheese in her mouth
And trying to chew the cheese.  Love those beautiful eyes.

Miss Isla Scout turned 8 months on Saturday. This bad mom is a little late on getting her post up, but we did remember to take pictures.  The light wasn't the best, but some of the faces we caught are still pretty awesome!  She is a fun, happy baby who loves to go places and do things.  I love this stage, she is fun to interact with and actively participates in play!
  • Scout likes to play peek-a-boo.  In all forms really, but the best is when one person is holding her and the other sneaks from one side to the other and back again.  She giggles hysterically and loves to try and predict where she will find you next. 
  • All objects have become merely tools to help her stand better.  Chairs, pillows, shelves, toys, hands, she likes to pull herself up to standing all of the time.
  • Sometimes she forgets that she can't stand without hanging on and tries to break out on her own.  Getting back down is much harder than standing up.  Standing in her crib is not awesome.
  • A very runny nose has made for lots of snot-sucking and very little nursing.  This equals stress for pumping mama.
  • One of her big ol' top teeth has finally broken through and the other one is on it's way.  Her two bottom teeth are almost full size.  I mean, full-baby-size.
  • She eats a lot of food.  Lots of different kinds and lots as in a large quantity.  Eating is definitely not a problem for her.
  • She loves to read books.  If you say turn the page, and make sure they aren't stuck together for her, she will turn the page.  I love it.  She acts like she recognizes and enjoys some books more than others.  Baby Elmo & Mr. Brown are high on the list.
  • She can kind of play ball.  If you roll the ball to her she will kick and hit it until it goes back to you.  Then you roll it back again.  This is most enjoyable if you clap for her when she gets the ball to roll to you.
  • She loves people watching and flirting with people, always trying to elicit a smile.
  • She likes to climb on Lucy and tackle her.  Lucy is very patient.

Check out the little tuft of hair pulled back.  The spout of original baby hair left on the top of her head is quite long now.
Such a look of calm trust.
Trying to figure out how to get a piece of cheese out of my hand :)
Can you see those chompers?  If you look close you can see the tip of the top one too!
See how serious she is about standing up?  All of the time.  You MUST help her stand.
Or she will ditch you and find something else to hang on to so that she can stand.
Love those chubby fingers.  Andrew says she got them from me.
Mmmm, dog crate good.
Side profile...why is it ok for babies to have double, or triple chins?
Laughing to herself
Must get cheese from hand!

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