Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Learning

This awesome series of photos was taken by our friend Kelson on a Saturday morning a few weeks back.  I stole it.
Things I never knew:
  • That a tiny belly could hold a lot of food 
  • That peas can go right through you 
  • That even easy to clean and take apart boosters seats are a pain to clean and take apart
  • That yogurt splatters quite nicely on red walls
  • That banana is an all natural alternative to hair gel
  • That spoons can be ALMOST as exciting as food
  • That even without a perfect pincer grasp, there are many creative ways to get small bits of food from a tray to your mouth
  • That sippy cups make awesome toys
  • That trays are not only good for holding food, holding babies in, and making noise...they also make a nice foot rest

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