Sunday, April 8, 2012

9 Months

Our baby is getting big.  She turned 9 months old on the 3rd, so she's been out of the womb almost as long as she was in.  Gestational celebration!  Scout has always been a good, easy, sweet baby, but she is getting to have such a fun personality.  She plays and interacts and is learning all of the time.  Babies are like little scientists, experimenting and figuring things out all of the time.  Getting pictures of her is a little bit harder these days, she moves too fast!  Andrew took these photos of her during dinner time, and despite the food all over her face, there are some pretty cute ones!
  • _MG_1571 She loves to go places and watch people.  She MAY have gotten that from us.  She is way flirtier than either of us though, and stares at people until they make eye contact with her and then she bursts into a big smile.
  • We put Scout on her little potty chair at each diaper change and she pees in it at least a couple of times everyday.  She seems to think it's pretty funny.
  • She loves to play peakaboo.  It's especially fun when mom or dad are holding her and people will go from one side to the other and smile at her and say "boo!"
  • Scout is still an awesome eater.  She loves trying new foods and eating in general.  If she is upset, eating will usually cheer her up.
  • She is a mover.  She crawls super speed, sits, kneels, and pulls herself to standing on any and everything.  She moves from one piece of furniture to another easily.  She can stand for a second or two, but then gets nervous, sits down, and laughs.
  • Our house is definitely in baby proof mode.  See above statement.  Cupboard doors were last week, the drawers are this week.
  • We just moved to her to a convertible car-seat, still rear-facing.  She has been in her infant seat up until now.  I think she likes sitting up and looking around better.
  • She's got a terrible cold the last couple of days.  Lots of drainage and coughing.  Despite that, she is still happy and smiley.
  • We left her to go away for the night for the first time.  She stayed at our house with my mom and Emma.  They said she did great, didn't seem to miss us a bit!
  • She still goes to sleep between 6-630 every night and sleeps until 6-630 in the morning.  Occasionally, she wakes up for a quick feed in the middle of the night, but mostly she sleeps through the night.
  • She still takes two naps a day, each one anywhere between 45 min and 2 plus hours.
  • Scout loves to read books.  She will play with her books all day long, turning pages and examining each photo; she is very interested in them and gets the concept of something new on each page.
  • We discovered Skype this last month and she has really enjoyed skyping with my family, she likes seeing people move and having them talk to her.
  • Scout loves Elmo.  She has an Elmo book that she really likes, and my mom bought her an Elmo Easter basket that she finds hilarious.  We also showed her her first Elmo videos this last month, she loved it.  We don't have tv, so she hasn't ever really watched it.  2 minute video clips of Elmo on youtube were fascinating to her.
  • She still loves riding in her stroller or being carried in the Ergo, but she also likes riding in shopping carts.  Makes it easy and fun to take her places!
  • Scout is on a new kick of sticking her tongue out at people.  She thinks its pretty great if you will stick your tongue out back.

We comment frequently how lucky we are to have such an easy, happy baby.  She is pretty amazing and makes us laugh every day! 

"I will share my food with you!"
We call this the smirk
Check out those rolls.  She is one solid little baby.
I love her smiley eyes.
"Maybe I put just a little too much in this time."
Notice that pincer grasp?  She loves having that trick down.
"What are you looking at?"
Little teeth
Glowing hair
This is the look of concentration she uses while trying to figure something out.
"I want to touch you!"
Beautiful blue eyes, I think they look most like Andrew's blue.  They get sparkles and twinkle when she's happy, like Andrew's do and like Josh's did.
Look at how big those bottom teeth are!  There are two on the top that are all the way in, a third top one that has just busted through, and a fourth top one that is about to break through the gums.
A little bit cheesy

And the face we see a lot of right now, the tongue smile!

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