Monday, April 9, 2012


Is she not the definition of awesomeness? She's fun. In her mind, we should just play games all of the time. We took her to the walk-in clinic yesterday for her cough (just a cold still right now, but it's a pretty nasty cough) and she was the most playful sick baby ever. Initiating peek-a-boo around door frames, jumping up and down, sticking her tongue out, trying to steal the stethoscope, and just generally winning the nice ladies over.
Scouts tongue
Photo taken by Emily Johnson, while visiting for lunch this last week

Our wonderful break is over. We have 50ish days of school left. It's a little too early for an exact count, but it's getting close to summer time.  I am so ready.  The next month of school is going to be insane (MSP testing, 8th graders rolling to the high school, 6th graders rolling to middle school, scheduling for next year...all while maintaining teaching, IEPs, grades, and the rest of the regular work load).  After the next month though, I'm counting down until Summer and I'm not ashamed of it.

Back to work is hard.  We might be odd, but we really like staying home and doing our own thing everyday.  A few social visits are fun.  But we like having unscheduled time to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.  And we aren't lazy, in fact we have tons of projects and things that we are working on.  But it is just so nice to wake up together as a family, eat breakfast and play, drink coffee, go for runs together, and work on projects that I want to work on instead of working for someone else.  I am so ready for summer.

Our chicken coop is blue.  And I can see it from the road when I am coming home.  It makes me smile.

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Love, Chelsea said...

I love that picture! Her hair is so pretty :)