Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dirt and Sun

We've been trying to get outside to soak up every little bit of sunshine possible.  Our part of the world is still getting a good amount of rain, but we've had a few of those classic, gorgeous Northwest days that nothing can compare too. No matter how beautiful the day, I am always left wanting more. I think I'm just greedy about beautiful days.  Is that wrong of me?

Andrew and I like to be outside. And we want our kids (kid at this point in time) to enjoy being outside as well. We've always taken Scout outside, even in the crazy snow, rain, and cold; we just bundle her up and strap her in her Ergo and she stays nice and toasty. Just recently though, it's been nice enough that she can start exploring the outside world on her own terms. We've had a picnic dinner at the park and she has spent a day crawling around outside while we worked in the garden.  She likes riding in her stroller while we go for runs and she's hung out on my back a few times while I've worked in the yard.

As you can tell from the photos below, she was very into exploring and showed no fear of digging right in. You might also notice that we weren't afraid to let her really "get her hands dirty". As long as she isn't hurting herself, I'm all about letting her explore and experiment as much as she wants; whether it's with food, outside, or objects around the house. My feeling is that the more involved she is with an activity, the more she is learning and developing from it.  And that as long as nothing is broken or injured in the process, messes can always been cleaned up.  Besides, who could resist her delight when she experiences something new?

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