Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Again

Life is good to us, busy and full, but good.  It's been so full, and I've been so busy that I've hardly posted at all in the last month. I have a habit of filling life up just a little too much, so I've been making a conscious effort to spend time being present and enjoying the everyday moments at home.  That means putting away the computer and sitting on the floor with Scout.  Watching TV and snuggling with Andrew without trying to work at the same time.  Multi-tasking is great, and I couldn't manage without it, but multi-tasking and quality time are not synonymous.  This past month has been great but I think I'm ready to be present for the everyday moments AND do some things just for me, like blogging and maybe even reading for fun.

Have you wondered what we've been doing the last month?  A few highlights:
  • I turned 29.  It was a great birthday, and no I'm not going to stay 29 forever.  30 will great, as will 31, 40, and 50.  After that, well maybe then I will stop.
  • We have been prepping and adding to the garden, getting some early plants started, and enjoying working in our yard when the weather permits.
  • We discovered Skype (how far behind the times are we right?), Scout thinks it's pretty crazy!
  • Andrew is building us a chicken coop.  It's going to be awesome.  He let me pick the color.  Next Saturday the chicks arrive!
  • Andrew and I are going away for a night this week.  My mom is watching Scout - they will have an awesome time.  Harrison Hot Springs is our destination and we actually splurged and got a hotel room, rare for us! I'm excited to spend some time alone with Andrew and relax in the pools!
  • I've been having some problems keeping my milk supply up, our crazy life hasn't been very conducive to nursing.  With a little bit of thinking, drinking some magic milk tea, and making pumping a priority, I think we are back on track.  I was a bit worried there for a while.
  • Our neighbors had baby goats.  Maybe that's not a highlight, but I just thought of them and want to go see them again.
  • Scout has changed so much in the past month.  She makes us laugh all of the time.  It's hard to stay in a bad mood if you sit down with her for a few minutes.  She will be 9 months in just a few days, a post of her own will be coming soon!
P.S.  A year ago we were moving into this house and my belly was large with a growing Scout.  Crazy how much has changed since then!

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