Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Levi Visits...with Aunt Rachelle & Grandma Ward

My sister, her husband, and Levi are moving to White Salmon.  They are currently living in Carnation and we still didn't see them often enough. A move to White Salmon will definitely put a damper on our visiting opportunities.  Although the move will be awesome for them, and they are definitely ready, I hate the timing.  Scout and Levi are just getting interested in each other.  They like to skype with each other; they seem very interested in that other child that looks like them.  Rachelle, Levi, and my mom drove up on Monday afternoon for one last visit.  It was a short one.  I think that they spent more time driving then playing, but it was so good to see them.  We hope to get these two little ones together again this summer.  I stole a few pictures from her blog, I might come up with more from my mom in a few days.
We started out the afternoon with Lunch at McD's so these guys could get some wiggles out in playland.  Quality eating right?
While Scout was trying, unsuccessfully, to take her afternoon nap, we took a visit to see the neighbors baby goats.  I do not yet have any pictures of their cuteness (only mommy goats in these pictures), but trust me, it's ridiculously cute.
Levi was pretty interested, although he was a little nervous when the goat tried to eat his hair.
And a little video clip of the two of them playing in the tunnel we got for Scout. Funny how something so simple can be so interesting and fun. We will miss having you guys within day trip visiting range! More skype dates are in order!

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