Friday, April 13, 2012


We are moving into the land of more concrete communication. Our lives will never be the same. We are loving this stage of learning how to communicate with each other more clearly.   It's fun to actually see the learning happening.  Please excuse the sick baby with a stuffy nose and her slightly confused look. Getting authentic video clips is hard work. 
She clearly understands and reacts to many words and directions that we use.
She also has a fairly consistent sign for "milk" when she wants to nurse, have her sippy cup, or her bottle.
She is watching our signs very carefully, like she is trying to figure it all out.
She says "mamamamama" and "dadadada" interchangably, and she can almost say "Elmo".
 That guy is pretty exciting. Video clip of the Elmo love coming someday soon.

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Kimball Family said...

Levi was watching this with me and after Scout signed for more he looked at me and signed for more too. It was funny to see him make the connection of what she wanted.