Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday Mornin'

This weekend was wonderful. It was beautiful, with sunshine, blue skies, and lots of northwest green. It's hard not to be happy on a sunny, Spring day in the PNW. We spent the entire weekend together, mostly just the three of us.  It was perfect.  Except that Scout's been waking up earlier than we would like. Like right at 5am. We are hoping it's just a phase, but it's slightly exhausting just the same. Despite her lack of interest in sleeping, she's been her happy, cheerful, goofy self. I've been trying to catch some video of her and Lucy playing together. It happens frequently and is usually hilarious, but catching it on video, without distracting them or needing to intervene is difficult. Here's my best attempt from this weekend. Poor Lucy just wanted to sleep more (like the rest of us) and Scout was in the mood to play. Other notable facts about our weekend:
  • Andrew is making awesome progress on the chicken coop. It's going to be awesome. Our chicks are growing bigger and getting real feathers. Very much at an awkward teenage phase right now. 
  • Scout ate lots of dandelions and dirt again this weekend. 
  • We ran 5 miles on Sunday. Eeek. It felt long, but we were able to do it. Getting back in a running groove is so difficult. We should just never stop running.  It's easier that way.  At least we had gorgeous weather to run in. 
  • We got more blueberry plants, 5$ a piece. We have a total of 8 bushes now. I doubt that we will get many berries from them this year, but I'm excited to be able to someday be picking lots of berries right in our own backyard. 
  • Our garden is coming along. We've got onions, potatoes, peas, herbs, lots of greens, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries all planted and coming up. We've been weeding and tending to it regularly. Excited to see what we can get out of it this year if we keep up on the regular maintenance.
Wishing it was always the weekend so that we could always be together!

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