Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheepy Chicks

They are out in their outside pen full time now. Andrew is still working on finishing the coop portion, but the run is enclosed and predator proof so they are safe to be outside while he continues construction. Just in time too because they are getting big!
Scout & I have a little look-see
Me attempting to let her get closer.  Keeping my balance was a struggle!
A bunch of little chicken bums.  In the front left corner, you can see the bum of an Americauna.  In the back corner, clustered together, you can see two Salmon Favorelles. We suspect the on the right (the darker one) is a rooster.  In the front right, you can see the third Salmon Favorelle with a Rhode Island Red and an Americauna behind her.
A close up of one of the Rhode Island Reds.
More bums.  Except for the blurry Rhode Island Red head you see in the far left corner.  Just to the right of her head are two Salmon Favorelle bums, then a Rhode Island Red, an Americauna, and then the funky dark Salmon Favorelle.
Our suspected rooster, up close and personal

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Kate said...

Chickens! So happy that you got some and are loving the ladies (and hopefully no rooster guy!). Looking forward to seeing how the coop is coming along - it looks great from the pictures.