Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Official First Word Story

Our baby is 10 months old today, I still need to do her 10 month post, but I can't believe she is creeping up on a year so quickly!  She is a happy girl, loves to play, jabbers all of the time, and is always trying to figure something out.

And she officially said her first word.  She's been jabbering for the last month, and sometimes we hear things like mama, dada, yellow, kitty-kitty, and Elmo, but usually she copies us after we point something out.  Because of all of the jabbering, it's hard to say for sure what or when her first mimicked word was.

This weekend though, we were browsing at a consignment shop, and she was very quiet and still, just looking around and staring at everything.  Then, very loudly and very clearly, she said, "Elmo".  At first Andrew and I laughed and thought she was crazy.  Then we looked to see what she was pointing at...low and behold, she had spotted a pair of Elmo slippers.  I think we can agree that Elmo is her first official word.  Which is both cute and slightly disturbing since Andrew and I don't have an Elmo obsession.  It is definitely not a word we say that frequently.  Girl has a mind of her own.


Cheris said...

Cute!!! She is getting big!!! Colby is 18 months and still isn't "talking" yet. He is quite accurate with his use of the word NO! Though... :-/

Winn said...

Hahahaha! That's so dang cute. That Scout must love Elmo :)))