Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our 10 Month Old

I know this post is a little late, but as long as she is still closer to 10 months than 11 I'm good right?  I've had the post written for about a week but it took us this long to get some pictures of her.  In the end, it took both of our efforts to get a few good photos of her, and Andrew still had to work fast.  Scroll to the bottom for more photos!

  • This girl is fun.   She loves to play and figure out new things.  When you do something new, she is always watching and trying to figure it out.  Peekaboo and tickle games are always a hit.
  • She loves to share.  She shares her food regularly and thinks that you want a turn to hold all of her toys.
  • She's a momma's girl.  She has fun with dad, and with other people, when I'm not around.  But if I'm there, usually she wants me right near her, playing with her or holding her.  For right now, that's ok.  She doesn't get that much Momma time.  This summer, when I'm home all of the time, we might try to push her to play with Dad a little more when I'm home.
  • Occasionally we get hugs and kisses.  She has to be in just the right mood though, which makes them extra special.
  • She loves to eat and try new foods.  She eats just about everything now, the only foods we haven't tried are seafood, honey, and cow's milk.  No allergies yet for her!  Woohoo! She likes to try bites of whatever we are having.
  • She has about 8 teeth right now, 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  4 of them came in all at once, actually they are still in progress.  Ouchie!
  • We got her some animal magnets to go on the fridge, she loves them and is already starting to figure out some of the noises.  Lions say "Rar!"  
  • Scout stands regularly now, just hangs out standing there playing with a toy.  She really doesn't seem interested in taking any steps though.  If she wants to get somewhere she just plops down and crawls.  And she's fast :)
  • She is getting quite good with her hands, point and clapping to things.  It's nice because now she can sign "more", and then point to what she wants "more" of.  She signs "more" (which looks like clapping now, except she does it only twice), "book" (which is basically a one clap), and sometimes "all done". 
  • She says "Elmo" and "Kitty-kitty" on her own.  Those are pretty exciting creatures!
  • She is starting to understand the word and the tone of no, or us telling her to leave something alone.  We've been working on that with Lucy's food and water, the hardest thing for us to baby proof.  We've just been saying "No Scout, you need to leave that alone.  It's Lucy's".  And then redirecting her.  Now when she goes towards it, if we just say her name, she will stop and leave it alone.  It's fun to see her learning and recognizing boundaries. 
  • Her highchair looks out our kitchen window where she can see birds sitting on the power line.  She likes to point them out to us.
We pulled out her lovey to keep her attention.  Low blow I know.
Pointing at the birdies
See the pincer grasp?  I think she saw a cat and was probably plotting how to get it.
Looking up at me :)
More pointing at the birds.
Sneaking a bit of grass during her photo shoot.
This is what happens when you ask her to "Show me your tongue".  Do you blame us for asking all of the time?
More tongue
Life is so amazing.  This is her expression whenever we are doing something interesting.
You should have seen the show I was putting on to keep her attention
Looking so big
I think she was yelling in this picture, happily of course
Makin' a break for it
So many more interesting things than your parents

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