Wednesday, June 13, 2012

11 Months Baby

A little late again, I know. We didn't get a special photo shoot in this month, but I did have a few cute pictures to share from Scout's first parade. We took her to the Ski to Sea parade over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was wonderfully summery and the parade was great, we even knew people who were in it! She thought it was pretty amazing that people just kept waving at her and dancing. After the parade, we went out for lunch with several of our friends who give her way too much attention, I think she was in heaven! Ski to Sea Parade will probably have to be a tradition from now on!
Stroller provided a little bit of shade
Waving at people in the parade
A little more waving
At 11 months: 
  • She loves waving at people, clapping her hands, and dancing. She is always listening to the music, notices when it changes, and if she likes it..her dance moves come out! 
  • She isn't saying any words right now, she seems to learn something like that, be pleased with herself, and then quit and move on to something else.
  • She does have lots of sounds effects, still uses more and points a lot.  She seems to communicate pretty well!
  • She has started taking a single step now and then.  No two steps together, and she doesn't perform on command, but she is starting to think about walking.
  • Instead of walking, she has figured out a funny walking on one knee, using the other foot and no hands.  Step up from crawling, but not quite ready for walking yet.
  • She loves having you pat her back to comfort her, sometimes she will snuggle and pat her hands on you to let you know that she wants you to pat her back.
  • She is still nursing, but she also loves her sippy cup and eats three regular meals a day.  I'm very curious what her nursing habits will be like at the end of summer.
  • She starts games of peek-a-boo ALL THE TIME.  As in she will hide her eyes and then peek out at you smiling.  That girl can hide for quite a while!
  • She loves to share and wants to give you things and then have you give them back.  Very communal that way.

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