Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 Days

I think I'm officially a sporadic blogger. And I'm tired of apologizing, because honestly I'm not really sorry. Life is busy and full and good and while I love blogging, it's a hobby, a fun thing that does me good mentally, not a chore. And if I feel stressed or pressured to do it, than it becomes a chore. So I will blog when I get to it.  I have a few posts started, and I foresee some time to write in the near future, so I may actually finish them before Scout turns one, but for now, here's the quick snippet.CIMG1142
  • Scout turns 1 in a month and a day. Can you believe it? I'm going to have a one year old. And no, we aren't having a big party. We will have several small parties, with anyone who wants to celebrate. Because really, what kid doesn't want to sing Happy Birthday, eat a treat, and open a present as many times as possible?  She's not going to care about the size of the party or elaborate decorations!  
  • Isn't she adorable?  She's ridiculously cute.  And funny.  And happy.  I really didn't think that having a kid would be quite so fun.
  • I have 15 wakeups left of work before we hit summer vacation.  And you'd better believe I'm counting down.  A few of those days are half-days, and one is a training day with no kids.  We are really nearing the end of the school year.  Countdowns and bucket lists for the summer are rolling around in my head.  Only one more week of WWU class as well!
  • Did I mention that I did NOT get a RIF letter for next year?  Yeah for knowing I have a job for next year!
  • We sold our car, the civic, to my parents for Alec to drive.  And we've been car shopping ever since.  We may have something lined up to purchase on Sunday.
  • I'm getting better at kind self-talk.  Conversations usually revolve around doing evaluating why I'm doing something, if it really makes me happy, and letting some of the unnecessary stressors go.  That I really can do too many good things and that enjoying whatever you are doing is really the most important criteria.  On that note, we aren't running in the half-marathon coming up next month.  And we aren't doing some of the big trips that we had vaguely considered for this summer.     We will be spending lots of time enjoying be home and together though...anyone want to BBQ?

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