Monday, June 25, 2012

Scout's House

Our house is so small that we've kicked Scout out. Don't worry, she's got a house of her own now. My parent's got her this adorable house as an early birthday present. Isn't she a lucky duck? I don't know too many year-old babes that own their home.  She loves it, and we love her loving it.  So nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the view while she occupies herself!
Fwd: memorial day
Playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa out the kitchen window
Fwd: memorial day
Alec's puppy Hobbs poking her head out the shutters
Fwd: memorial day
Testing out the knobs on the stove
Look at the views this girl has!
"Sss at?" which translates to "What's that?"
Fwd: memorial day
You know you're having fun when you bang your hands so hard that you have to close your eyes!

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