Monday, June 11, 2012

She's Doing It!

Walking that is!  Amidst a weekend of showers (bridal and baby), an ongoing fever (teething?), almost no sleep, rehearsals and a gig for Andrew, a lunch date and a BBQ, Scout decided it was time to walk.  She's been taking a single step for a few weeks, but only when the mood strikes her and it has been a very tiny step that doesn't get her anywhere.  And then she would laugh and sit down.  Yesterday evening she decided it was time to put those baby steps together and move from one person to another.  And then repeat.  Multiple times.  And then repeat again this morning.  I think we can officially say she is walking now!  We celebrated by going to Mallard's Ice Cream where she got to eat ice cream in front of an audience of adoring college age kids.  Heaven for this girl!

P.S.  Two nights in a row of fevery baby who can only sleep when near you makes for tired parents.  We took her to the doctor who gave her a clean bill of health and said that it sounds like teething.  She's had her 8 front teeth for a while now, too soon for molars?  Canines?   When do these things happen?  Any suggestions, she is not a happy camper!

P.S. Again.  This girl loves an audience, in small doses where everyone pays attention to her.  Going out to eat is like asking her to put on a show. She's a flirt who draws in people from other tables to laugh at her.  The people at her own table aren't good enough, she's got to get the attention of everyone in the room.  What kind of child are we creating?

One last P.S.  She really has been pretty amazing for how miserable she must be feeling.  Fevery babies are so sad, and if the fever is really caused by teeth...ouch!  We've been able to distract her and we are still getting plenty of laughs and fun, she just can't quite entertain herself or sleep by herself.  I can't imagine life without IBuprofen.


The Garvin's said...

My kids always get a fever and runny nose when teething, which then turns to an ear infection...YUCK! Jace is the only one that hasn't got a fever with an ear infection. Good luck, it's never fun when they're sick :(

Love, Chelsea said...

Hooray for Scout! PS - it might be her 1 year molars, they can take awhile to come in. Lily has been working on the two year molars on and off for months (not constantly, don''t worry!).